Andy trained as a Stage Manager at London's Central School of Speech & Drama.

He went on to work at some of the UK's top theatres, starting his career at the Royal Court Theatre.

While working at the Bush Theatre, he developed a long-standing knowledge and appreciation of actors and their work, becoming Assistant Director.

Andy then went on to work with Gail Stevens CDG for 5 years on some of the most successful & critically acclaimed Film & TV Drama of the 1990s, Trainspotting, Cracker and Our Friends in the North.

Since setting up Andy Pryor Casting in 1998, Andy has cast many acclaimed UK television dramas such as Life on Mars, Shooting the Past, I'm Alan Partridge, The Long Firm, Upstairs Downstairs (for which he received an Emmy nomination), Whitechapel, the first three series of Call the Midwife, Cucumber, Banana, The A Word, Doctor Foster, Gentleman Jack and Years and Years.

Andy has cast shows for all of the UK's major broadcasters (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky) and has worked with some of the UK’s most celebrated screenwriters.

He has also cast several feature films, including Bent, Beautiful Thing, Glorious 39, Gemma Bovery, Stan & Ollie (nominated for a BIFA for Best Casting) and Gwen. He is currently casting Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris for eOne.

Andy has been Casting Director on Doctor Who since its hugely successful return in 2005 and to date has cast over 160 episodes and six Doctors.

He is an ambassador for The Act for Change Project, which campaigns for inclusion across the live and recorded arts. He is a founder and former Chair of the Casting Directors’ Guild of the UK & Ireland and is a member of the Casting Society of America (CSA).

In January 2020, Andy was honoured with the award for Excellence in Casting by the CSA’s European Chapter.

Andy’s current Casting Associate is Ri McDaid-Wren and his Casting Assistant is Ray Böhm.

Current projects include series two of BBC One and HBO’s Gentleman Jack, the latest series of Doctor Who, series two of Traces (for Alibi) and various projects for the BBC, ITV and Amazon Prime, as well as the forthcoming Russell T Davies series It’s a Sin, for Channel 4 and HBO Max.

Member of the Casting Directors' Guild of Great Britain and Ireland.

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CV & Credits

Television Credits

TitleForDirector / Producer
NO RETURNITV/Red Production CompanyD: John Alexander
6 x 60 mins. P: Farah Abushwesha
TRACES 2Alibi/Red Production CompanyD: Chris Foggin/Claire Winyard
6 x 60 mins. P: Jane Wallbank
GENTLEMAN JACK 2BBC1/HBO/Lookout Point D: Ed Hall/Fergus O’Brien/Amanda Brotchie
8 x 60 mins P: Phil Collinson
IT'S A SINChannel 4/Red Production CompanyD: Peter Hoar
  P: Phil Collinson
DOCTOR WHO BBC1/BBC Wales D: Various
(All episodes 2005-2021)  P: Various
TRACESAlibi/Red Production CompanyD: Rebecca Gatward/Mary Nighy
6 x 60 mins. P: Juliet Charlesworth
THE A WORD 3BBC1/Fifty Fathoms ProductionsD: Fergus O’Brien
6 x 60 mins. P: Clare Shepherd
YEARS & YEARSBBC1/HBO/Red Production CompanyD: Simon Cellan-Jones/Lisa Mulcahy
6 x 60 mins. P: Karen Lewis
GENTLEMAN JACK BBC1/HBO/Lookout Point D: Sally Wainwright/Sarah Harding/Jennifer Perrott
8 x 60 mins P: Phil Collinson
THE SUMMER OF ROCKETS BBC2/Little Island ProductionsD: Stephen Poliakoff
6 x 60 mins P: Helen Flint
COLD FEET 2018ITV/Big Talk D: Rebecca Gatward
6 x 60 mins  P: Mags Conway/Kathryn O'Connor
HARD SUN BBC1/Euston Films/Hulu D: Brian Kirk/Nick Rowland
6 x 60 mins  P: Hugh Warren
THE A WORD 2BBC1/Sundance/Fifty FathomsD: Susan Tully/Luke Snellin
6 x 60 mins. P: Jenny Frayn
COLD FEET 2017 ITV/Big Talk D: Terry McDonough
7 x 60 mins  P: Lis Steele
DOCTOR FOSTER 2 BBC1/Drama RepublicD: Jeremy Lovering
5 x 60 mins.  P: Kate Crowther
CLASS BBC3/BBC1/BBC Wales D: Ed Bazalgette
8 x 45 mins P: Derek Ritchie
1 x 90 mins. P: Nikki Wilson
THE A WORDBBC1/Fifty Fathoms ProductionsD: Peter Cattaneo
6 x 60 mins. P: Marcus Wilson
COLD FEET 2016 ITV/Big Talk D: Terry McDonough
8 x 60 mins  P: Rebecca Ferguson
UNDERCOVERBBC1/BBC Drama ProductionsD: James Hawes/Jim O'Hanlon
6 x 60 mins. P: Richard Stokes
CLOSE TO THE ENEMYBBC2/Little Island PicturesD: Stephen Poliakoff
6 x 60 mins. P: Helen Flint
DOCTOR FOSTER BBC1/Drama RepublicD: Tom Vaughan/Bruce Goodison
5 x 60 mins.  P: Grainne Marmion
COALITION Channel 4/Cuba PicturesD: Alex Holmes
1 x 90 mins.  P: Sarah Curtis/Dixie Linder
CUCUMBER Red Production Company/C4D: Various
8 x 60 mins.  P: Nicola Shindler/Matt Strevens
BANANA Red Production Company/E4D: Various
8 x 30 mins.  P: Nicola Shindler
8 x 60 mins.  P: Patrick Schweitzer
JAMAICA INN BBC1/Origin Pictures D: Philippa Lowthorpe
3 x 60 mins.  P: Dan Winch
CALL THE MIDWIFE BBC1/Neal St. Prods./PBS D: Philippa Lowthorpe/Various
Series I, II & III , 18 x 60 mins.  P: Hugh Warren
1 x 90 mins.  P: Matt Strevens
ATLANTIS BBC1/Urban Myth Film D: Various
13 x 60 mins.  P: Johnny Capps/ Julian Murphy
BLANDINGS BBC1/Mammoth Screen D: Paul Seed
6 x 30 mins.  P: Spencer Campbell
DANCING ON THE EDGE BBC2/Ruby Films D: Stephen Poliakoff
2 x 90 mins; 3 x 60 mins  P: Nicky Kentish-Barnes
Series I & II, 9 x 60 mins.  P: Nikki Wilson/ Annie Tricklebank
(original & UK Casting) 10 x 60 mins. P: Kelly Manners
MARCHLANDS ITV1/ITV Prods. D: James Kent
5 x 60 mins.  P: Chrissy Skinns
WHITECHAPEL ITV1/Carnival D: S.J. Clarkson/ David Evans
Series I & II , 6 x 60 mins.  P: Marcus Wilson/ Grainne Marmion
TORCHWOOD BBC1/BBC2/BBC3/BBC Wales D: Euros Lyn/Various
Series I, II & III , 31 x 45 mins.  P: Richard Stokes/ Peter Bennett
MOSES JONES BBC1/BBC Drama Prods. D: Michael Offer
3 x 60 mins.  P: Cameron Roach
Series I, II & III , 32 x 30 mins.  P: Matthew Bouchard
SURVIVORS BBC1/BBC Drama Prods. D: Various
1 x 90 mins, 5 x 60 mins.  P: Hugh Warren
JOE'S PALACE BBC1/Talkback Thames D: Stephen Poliakoff
1 x 120 mins.  P: Deb Jones
CAPTURING MARY BBC1/Talkback Thames D: Stephen Poliakoff
1 x 60 mins  P: Deb Jones
STUART: A LIFE BACKWARDS BBC2/Neal Street Prods. D: David Attwood
1 x 120 mins.  P: Pippa Harris
CRACKER ITV1/Granada D: Antonia Bird
1 x 120 mins.  P: John Chapman
1 x 90 mins.  P: Karen Lewis
LIFE ON MARS BBC1/Kudos Film & Television D: Various
8 x 60 mins.  P: Jane Featherstone/ Claire Parker
JANE HALL ITV1/Red Production Co. D: Syd Macartney/ Euros Lyn
6 x 60 mins.  P: Matthew Bird
Series I, II, III & IV
25 x 60mins
 P: Diederick Santer/ Kate Crowe
DAD BBC1/Tightrope Pictures D: Sarah Harding
1 x 90 mins.  P: Hilary Bevan Jones/ Karen Lewis
LIFE BEGINS ITV1/Granada D: Various
Series I & II, 12 x 60 mins.  P: John Chapman
GIDEON'S DAUGHTER BBC1/TalkBack D: Stephen Poliakoff
1 x 120 mins.  P: Nick Brown
FRIENDS & CROCODILES BBC1/TalkBack D: Stephen Poliakoff
1 x 120 mins.  P: Nick Brown
THE LONG FIRM BBC2 D: Bille Eltringham
4 x 60 mins.  P: Liza Marshall
PRIDE BBC1 D: John Downer
1 x 90 mins P: Christopher Hall
RED CAP BBC1/Stormy Pictures D: David Richards/Justin Chadwick
Series I & II  /Various
1 x 90 mins, 12 x 60 mins.  P:Sarah Wilson
AUF WIEDERSEHEN PET BBC1 D: Maurice Phillips/David Innes-Edwards
6 x 60 mins.  P: Chrissy Skinns
ALIBI ITV1/Romantic Films D: David Richards
2 x 90 mins.  P: Judith Hackett
40 Channel 4/Company Television D: David Moore
3 x 60 mins.  P: Emma Burge/ Stuart Barlow
THE LOST PRINCE BBC1/TalkBack D: Stephen Poliakoff
2 x 90 mins.  P: John Chapman
LINDA GREEN BBC1/Red Production Co. D: Various
Series I & II  P: Matthew Bird/
10 x 30 mins.  Phil Collinson
SHERLOCK USA Entertainment/Box Films D: Graham Theakston
1 x 120 mins.  P: Tim Bradley
ME & MRS. JONES ITV1/LWT D: Catherine Morshead
1 x 120 mins.  P: Julie Gardner
MURPHY'S LAW BBC1/Tiger Aspect D: John Strickland
1 x 90 mins. pilot  P: Tom Sherry
OTHELLO ITV1/LWT/WGBH Boston D: Geoffrey Sax
1 x 120 mins.  P: Julie Gardner/ Anne Pivcevic
BEDTIME BBC1/Hat Trick Prods. D: Andy Hamilton
6 x 30 mins.  P: Sue Howells
NOW YOU SEE HER Sky One/Red Production Co. D: Lance Kneeshaw
1 x 120 mins.  P: Matt Jones
DO OR DIE Sky One/Warner Sisters D: Rowan Woods
2 x 90 mins.  P: Lavinia Warner/ John Edwards
PERFECT STRANGERS BBC2/TalkBack D: Stephen Poliakoff
1 x 90 mins, 2 x 60 mins.  P: John Chapman
IN A LAND OF PLENTY BBC2/TalkBack D: Hettie Macdonald/ David Moore
10 x 60 mins.  P: John Chapman/ Michael Riley/
  Claire Hirsch
Series I & II 6 x 90 mins.  P: Julian Murphy/Colin Ludlow
COR BLIMEY ITV/Company Television D: Terry Johnson
1 x 90 mins.  P: Margaret Mitchell
SEX & DEATH BBC2/Hat Trick Prods. D: Guy Jenkin
1 x 70 mins.  P: Jane Featherstone
TRIAL BY FIRE ITV/Arrowhead Productions D: Patrick Lau
1 x 120 mins.  P: Alan Wright
BAD BLOOD ITV/Carlton Productions D: Tim Fywell
3 x 60 mins.  P: Margaret Mitchell
BOYZ UNLIMITED Channel 4/Hat Trick Prods. D: Liddy Oldroyd
6 x 30 mins. P: Richard Osman
SHOOTING THE PAST BBC/TalkBack D: Stephen Poliakoff
1 x 70, 2 x 50 mins.  P: John Chapman
WHERE THE HEART IS ITV/Anglia TV Entertainment D: Nick Laughland/Tony Garner/
Series II (London casting)  Hettie Macdonald
10 x 60 mins.  P: Kate Anthony
HEAVEN ON EARTH BBC Wales/Red Rooster D: Stuart Orme
2 x 90 mins.  P: Julia Ouston
I'M ALAN PARTRIDGE BBC2/TalkBack Prods. D: Dominic Brigstocke
6 x 35 mins.  P: Armando Iannucci
SKALLAGRIGG BBC 2 Screenplay D: Richard Spence
1 x 120 mins.  P: John Chapman
(co-credit with Gail Stevens)  Simon Cellan Jones/ Pedr James
9 x 60 mins.  P: Charles Pattinson

Film Credits

TitleForDirector / Producer
MRS. HARRIS GOES TO PARISMoonriver Content/eOne D: Anthony Fabian
  P: Xavier Marchand
GWENEndor D: William McGregor
  P: Hilary Bevan-Jones/Tom Nash
STAN & OLLIE BBC Films / Fable PicturesD: Jon S Baird
  P: Faye Ward
GEMMA BOVERY Cine@/Ruby Films D: Anne Fontaine
(UK Casting)  P: Philippe Carcassonne/ Faye Ward
UNITED World Productions/BBC Films D: James Strong
  P: Julia Stannard
GLORIOUS '39 1939 Prods. D: Stephen Poliakoff
  P: Martin Pope/Barney Reisz
LONG TIME DEAD Midfield/Working Title II D: Marcus Adams
  P: James Gay Rees
SIAM SUNSET Filmside Ltd/Channel 4 D: John Polson
(U.K. Casting)  P: Al Clark
IT'S GOOD TO TALK Channel 4/Feasible Films D: Roger Goldby
(Academy Award Nominated Best Live Action Short 1998)  P: Barney Reisz
BENT Channel 4/Bent Productions D: Sean Mathias
  P: Michael Solinger/Dixie Linder
BEAUTIFUL THING Channel 4/World Productions D: Hettie Macdonald
(co-credit with Gail Stevens)  P: Tony Garnett
DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS X Films D: Richard Spence
(co-credit with Gail Stevens)  P: John Chapman
TRAINSPOTTING Channel 4/Figment Films D: Danny Boyle
(co-credit with Gail Stevens)  P: Andrew Macdonald

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